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08-13-2012 Tweetchat Invitation

The DreamUMC Tweetup on August 13 began with the imagination of what DreamUMC would be like as a caucus. We asked the following questions: Q1: What do you see as core value(s) of DreamUMC? (how might you describe what the

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07-23-2012 Tweetchat Invitation

The Tweetup on July 23 offered an opportunity to debrief from Jurisdictional Conferences using the following questions: Q1: Jurisdictional Conferences are over. Highs/Lows from your experience (or hearing about it)? Please note which jurisdiction! (tweets separated by JC) Q2: How

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07-09-2012 Tweetchat Invitation

The Tweetup on July 9 focused on  growing the DreamUMC movement both within the UMC and beyond. We discussed the following questions: For Q1, please take a moment to look at the list of workgroup topics we compiled after the

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06-25-2012 Tweetchat Invitation

The Tweetup on June 25 invited participants to imagine moving from conversation to action with the following questions: Q1:  As regional gatherings at JC are upon us, how would you like to see the time be used to *move* the

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06-11-2012 Tweetchat Invitation

Our Tweetup on June 11 focused on the upcoming Jurisdictional Conferences. We asked participants the following questions: Q1: What characteristics are you looking for in a potential episcopal leader for your jurisdiction? Q2: How can you organize to incorporate the

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05-28-2012 Tweetchat Invitation

For our second Tweetup, we had four questions for the participants, all on the theme of networking through Annual Conferences: Q1: What’s one thing you’d like your conference to know or do in response to #gc2012? Q2: What or who

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5-14-2012 Tweetchat Invitation

Welcome to our first Tweetup (Twitter conversation)! For our first Tweetchat, we had three questions for the participants: Q1: What did you learn/takeaway from #GC2012? Q2: How has this new knowledge changed your Dream (vision or hope) for the #UMC? Q3: What’s one achievable change

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DreamUMC is a grassroots effort to effect change in the United Methodist Church. We have bi-weekly twitter-based conversations where all UMC folks are invited to join and let their voice be heard. Click here to learn more.

The movement began after General Conference 2012 and is amplifying and organizing in ways beyond conversation. Click here to learn more.