About DreamUMC

DreamUMC is a conversation and a movement that arose out of the 2012 General Conference of the United Methodist Church, and seeks to envision and realize a bold future of the UMC.

Leading up to and during the General Conference, United Methodists reflected on the nature of the church and its role in our current culture, and how we might move forward into a new day. Unfortunately, this work was carried out by a small group and the findings and proposals presented to the Conference body did not represent an open conversation among all United Methodists. Many of us felt our voices were unsolicited or unheard.

But we live in an open-source age. Technology provides opportunities to have conversation in more inclusive ways: to seek, invite, hear and share the voices of many (we pray, one day, all!) who are passionate about the United Methodist movement. We use online media to create a space for conversation, envisioning, and action, which will help move us beyond outdated visions and measures of ministry and mission, into a more broad-based, grassroots understanding of where God is calling the UMC in our time and how we hope to answer that call.

DreamUMC does have a platform, but it is procedural, not political. We are committed to open conversation with all voices. We strive for a more healthy, faithful, Spirit-filled United Methodist Church and are willing to innovate and think outside the box to get there (in fact, we think it’s necessary to do so!). We want to model shared leadership, grassroots collaboration, conversation and “conferencing” that does no harm to others, and commitment to faithfulness to God above preserving an institution. We believe that the United Methodist movement is vital and important for the world today, and we hope to be part of the revitalization we believe is taking place.

We also don’t want to stop at conversation. Discussion and idea-sharing are important, but the people called Methodist have always put their faith and their words into action. We hope to use conversations to inspire actions in work areas (see our work groups), implementing ideas by creating networks, compiling educational materials, drafting potential legislation, and more. Change happens when people are inspired and when people are strategic. Some individuals may be more interested in generating ideas, while others like to work on putting ideas into action. We believe all these ways of engaging the movement are necessary if DreamUMC is to avoid the extremes of being either a partisan political group or a toothless venting session. We strive for a functional and faithful movement.

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DreamUMC is a grassroots effort to effect change in the United Methodist Church. We have bi-weekly twitter-based conversations where all UMC folks are invited to join and let their voice be heard. Click here to learn more.

The movement began after General Conference 2012 and is amplifying and organizing in ways beyond conversation. Click here to learn more.