Is Schism in Our Future? The Community Responds!

dreamumc one year

Today is the one-year anniversary of DreamUMC, and to celebrate we called for a synchblog on the topic of “Is Schism the best future of the UMC? Why or Why Not?”

And the community responded! So for your reading pleasure, here’s the blog posts (alphabetical with authors linked to their twitter accounts) so you can continue the conversation on their blogs or on Twitter.

If you blogged this too, tweet at us or post on the Facebook to let us know!

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DreamUMC is a grassroots effort to effect change in the United Methodist Church. We have bi-weekly twitter-based conversations where all UMC folks are invited to join and let their voice be heard. Click here to learn more.

The movement began after General Conference 2012 and is amplifying and organizing in ways beyond conversation. Click here to learn more.