Tweetchat Entries 02-25-2013

Rev. Jeremy Smith@umjeremy#dreamumc chat in 15 minutes! Wahoo-tubular! #umc #umcomsocm
Becca Girrell Clark@pastorbeccafifteen minutes until #dreamumc takes on church jargon. I hope it's relevant, vital, and emergent. ;)
Dream UMC@DreamUMCRT @pastorbecca: fifteen minutes until #dreamumc takes on church jargon. I hope its relevant, vital, and emergent. ;) #dreamumc
Dream UMC@DreamUMCRT @umjeremy: #dreamumc chat in 15 minutes! Wahoo-tubular! #umc#umcomsocm #dreamumc
Shalom R. Agtarap@justshalom@pastorbecca I'll need more than 10 mins to come up with other adjectives :)#dreamumc
Dream UMC@DreamUMCHey friends! Let the dog out, zap that cold coffee and fire up your interwebbed device of choice, #dreamumc begins in 7 minutes! #dreamumc
Daryn DeZengotita@daryndezRT @pastorbecca: fifteen minutes until #dreamumc takes on church jargon. I hope its relevant, vital, and emergent. ;)//& missional #dreamumc
Dylan Ward@DylanPWardNext hour of tweets is going to seem very odd to some. Apologies in advance. Bear with me. #dreamUMC
Dream UMC@DreamUMCHey y'all, it's Kris in the driver's seat tonight (@revkris), and it's my first time, so be gentle :) Let's get started! #dreamumc
Dream UMC@DreamUMCLet's pray! #dreamumc
Dream UMC@DreamUMCGod of many names in many languages, thanks for speaking to us in ways we understand, and listening to even our wordless sighs... #dreamumc
Dream UMC@DreamUMCMay we hear you and one another clearly, and speak your truth in love to one another and to all the world. Amen. #dreamumc
Dream UMC@DreamUMCIntroductions! Who’s here tonight? Let us know who you are, where you are, and what God's got you up to these days... #dreamumc
Dream UMC@DreamUMCDon’t forget to add #dreamumc to your tweets so everyone can hear what you have to say! #dreamumc
Alicia De Toffoli@AliciaDeToffoliMay we hear you and one another clearly, and speak your truth in love to one another and to all the world. Amen. #dreamumc
Dylan Ward@DylanPWardName is Dylan, Oklahoma, 2-point supply pastor, candidate for ministry. #scj#dreamumc
Sophia K. Agtarap@SophiaKrisSophia. Nashville/Seattle. Deacon candidate. Do social media/ministry through@umrethinkchurch. #dreamumc
ttennheat@ttennheatHeather, TN, clergy spouse, contract with UMCom. #dreamumc
Brian Hazard@brian_hazardBrian Hazard, 2 point Prsb. Parish in eastern ND. #Dreamumc
Brad Smith@BradS_80I'm Brad, serving a 2-point charge in rural southern Middle Tennessee currently residing in ordination purgatory #dreamumc
Kris Marshall@revkrisI'm Kris, a pastor in Northern California, and I'm tweeting twice as much as I should for the next hour or so... #dreamumc
Jarell@SingingforjoyJarell, I'm a professional #Beyonce impersonator & college student #dreamUMC
Blake Busick@BBusickBlake, Santa Rosa, CA UM Pastor #dreamumc #dreamumc
Dylan Ward@DylanPWardI love the diversity of dreamers. #dreamumc
ttennheat@ttennheat@Singingforjoy That's awesome. #dreamumc
TGBosley-Mitchell@RevTGBMClergy and half of clergy couple; dad to seven 20-something's-only 2 connected to a church, living in Miami Beach. #dreamumc
Rev. Robb McCoy@FatPastorI hope followers forgive me for the next hour, participating in Tweetup #DreamUMC
Caroline Taber@CarelineLizzyCaroline, 29 yrs old, internetz lady at @FUMCSacramento #dreamumc
Dream UMC@DreamUMCKeep checking in and telling us who you are. Here's the first question... (Be sure to include Q1, Q2, etc in your response...) #dreamumc
Sadie@revsadie@DreamUMC Sadie Pastor in N. Cali. #dreamumc
Mark Calhoun@mtnprofetMark.... Wyoming! Pastor @LanderUMC... clergy delegate to #gc2012 from@YACUMC... Pondering discipleship/missionship #dreamumc
Mike Fisher@MikeFisher4037Mike, lay leader, Central MA, New Eng AC, still shoveling #dreamumc
Dream UMC@DreamUMCQ1a: Church people sometimes use words that seem foreign to outside folk. What jargon should we throw out and never use again? #dreamumc
Rethink Church@umrethinkchurchThe church is dying, some say. That's not our story.…@relevancex @RelevanceLEAD #dreamumc #umclead #rethinkchurch
Derek@Derek_K_Tang@DreamUMC Youth minister in central NC, just trying my best every day.#dreamumc
Dylan Ward@DylanPWardQ1. I'm assuming 'trinity' is out of the question? #dreamumc
Rev. Robb McCoy@FatPastorQ1: the King James Version of the Bible #DreamUMC
Daryn DeZengotita@daryndezQ1a: discern, holy conferencing, incompatible with . . . oh, wait #dreamumc
Dylan Ward@DylanPWardYes. Yes. and Yes. //RT @pastorbecca: Q1: I'm pretty sick of "vital." #dreamumc
Erin Hachtel@erin_brightly@DreamUMC Q 1a: Wesleyan Quadrilateral #dreamumc
Becca Girrell Clark@pastorbeccaRT @daryndez: Q1a: discern, holy conferencing, incompatible with . . . oh, wait? preach #dreamumc
Rev. Robb McCoy@FatPastor#DreamUMC Last week for #ChSocM tweetup someone posted a site that made this a lot easier. Anyone know what that was? #forgottobookmark
Brad Smith@BradS_80I think "saved" is overused and misused #dreamumc
Brian Hazard@brian_hazardQ1 what's the difference between buzzwords (vital) and Jargon? #Dreamumc
Kris Marshall@revkrisYeah, after surviving the ordination process, I could do with a little less "transformational leadership" in my life #dreamumc
Brad Smith@BradS_80RT @pastorbecca: Q1: I'm pretty sick of "vital." #dreamumc YES YES YES
Jarell@SingingforjoyQ1a: "Saved", "grow with us", "born-again" #dreamUMC
Dylan Ward@DylanPWardQ1. "Blank" Committee(s) #dreamumc
ttennheat@ttennheat@FatPastor #dreamumc
Keith Mcilwain@KeithMcilwainQ1a I wouldn't mind having a moratorium on words like justice & holiness until we have adequate definitions we agree upon. #dreamumc
Becca Girrell Clark@pastorbecca@FatPastor perhaps? #dreamumc
Dream UMC@DreamUMCI think whatever language or words you find weird/overused/misused/incomprehensible work.... slang, terms, or catch phrase alike. #dreamumc
MeredithGould@MeredithGould@FatPastor What's the "this" that was made easier? If it's following a chat, check out Tweetchat (dot) com #DreamUMC #ChSocM
Brad Smith@BradS_80Q1 Dashboard #dreamumc
Sophia K. Agtarap@SophiaKrisQ1: @brian_hazard when buzzwords make their way into regular use, it becomes jargon, IMO. Esp when we don't know what they mean #dreamumc
Becca Girrell Clark@pastorbeccaQ1a: I have prob w words w many loaded meanings: "confessing" (anti-nazi, anti-glbt, or naming sin?...) #dreamumc
John Leek@johnleek@DreamUMC Q1a: "Spiritual Formation" it means both everything and nothing.#dreamUMC
ttennheat@ttennheatQ1: open hearts, open minds, open doors #dreamumc
Tina Carter@pastortinaQ1a: intimation #dreamumc
Dylan Ward@DylanPWardQ1. I do not think 'Saved' means what you think it means... #dreamumc
Steve Kozel@trashkozelQ1:Anything that needs explanation/context. I think there should be new recitations that are simple/explanatory/approachable. 1/2 #dreamumc
Daryn DeZengotita@daryndez@ttennheat ouch #dreamumc
ttennheat@ttennheatQ1: emerging, contemporary #dreamumc
Sophia K. Agtarap@SophiaKrisRT @ttennheat: Q1: open hearts, open minds, open doors // YES. No need to promise what we can't deliver. #dreamumc
Dylan Ward@DylanPWardAgreed unless we actually live it out.// RT @ttennheat: Q1: open hearts, open minds, open doors #dreamumc
John Leek@johnleek@erin_brightly Q1a: Agreed, I've heard it put this way: the "Wesleyan Quadrilateral" is neither. #dreamUMC
Derek@Derek_K_TangQ1a: "Cluster charge conference," "relevance," "seeker-sensitive" #dreamumc#dreamumc
Keith Mcilwain@KeithMcilwain@pastorbecca I agree; unfortunately words like confessing, justice, holiness COULD be useful. Q1a #dreamumc
ttennheat@ttennheat@BradS_80 Q1: also liberal and conservative #dreamumc
Becca Girrell Clark@pastorbeccaQ1a: any word related only to church buildings: narthex, sacristy, etc. No one outside the church ever knows what a sexton is. #dreamumc
Rev. Robb McCoy@FatPastorQ1 I still love the Open hearts, Open minds, Open doors thing. I just talk of "open" as a verb. As in, "It is our job to open..." #DreamUMC
Steve Kozel@trashkozelQ1:Especially from the standpoint of reaching youth - phrasing that is antiquated/ traditional is just saying "We're old". 2/2 #dreamumc
Keith Mcilwain@KeithMcilwainRT @ttennheat: Q1: open hearts, open minds, open doors #dreamumc // YES!
Becca Girrell Clark@pastorbeccaRT @ttennheat: @BradS_80 Q1: also liberal and conservative// I'll give that an AMEN! #dreamumc
ttennheat@ttennheat@pastorbecca Not many in the church know those words. Chuck Knows Church has helped. :) #dreamumc
Dylan Ward@DylanPWardQ1. Can we get rid of "we've never done it that way"? #dreamumc
John Leek@johnleek@pastorbecca Q1a: I've had the same issue with "Reconciling." It's been made to mean something far smaller than its root. #dreamUMC
Brad Smith@BradS_80RT @pastorbecca: Q1a: But then what would Chuck Knows Church talk about ;)#dreamumc
ttennheat@ttennheat@FatPastor I like the idea, but I feel it's false advertising because I know there are churches that don't believe it. #dreamumc
Vance C. Rains@vancerainsQ! whatever we say, we should explain and unload - never assume peopel know what we are talking about! #dreamumc
Dream UMC@DreamUMCWow.... great responses everyone. Thanks for chiming in. Looks like there are a lot of words that may obfuscating our message... #dreamumc
Dream UMC@DreamUMCQ1b: On the flip side, what language is it important to retain, or reclaim? #dreamumc
Sophia K. Agtarap@SophiaKris.@ttennheat @FatPastor For now it's a promise we need to live in to rather than an invitation to what currently [doesn't] exist. #dreamumc
Dylan Ward@DylanPWard@DreamUMC I see what you did there. #dreamumc
John Leek@johnleek@SophiaKris @ttennheat Q1a: OH,OM,OD is so broad as to mean nearly anything that it loses all meaning. We could do without. #dreamUMC
Derek@Derek_K_Tang@johnleek @erin_brightly Losing Quadrilateral loses part of our theological heritage. Perhaps rethink how we live it out? #dreamumc
Keith Mcilwain@KeithMcilwainRT @johnleek Q1a: I've had the same issue with "Reconciling." It's been made to mean something far smaller than its root. #dreamUMC // agree
Caroline Taber@CarelineLizzyq1a: reconciling. In one-on-one talks as we go thru reconciling process, I hear, "huh?" about word itself. #dreamumc
Tina Carter@pastortinaQ1: "fellowship" #dreamumc
Daryn DeZengotita@daryndezBut we need language to say, "Are you people cool with GayFolk hanging out with you?" #finepoint #dreamumc
Jarell@SingingforjoyQ1b Jesus loves me this I know #dreamUMC
Becca Girrell Clark@pastorbeccaQ1b: EVANGELICAL. Reclaim it as "pertaining to the gospel." #dreamumc
Dream UMC@DreamUMC@kelleyoco You're doing great, Kelley :) #dreamumc
Sophia K. Agtarap@SophiaKrisRT @kelleyoco: @DreamUMC Kelley's here - am I doing this right? #dreamumc // perfect :) you can just use # instead of @. Welcome!
Rob Lee@roblee4@DreamUMC evangelical/evangelize Important Wesleyan concept with connotations of a group/community. #dreamumc
Rev. Robb McCoy@FatPastorQ1 Evangelism - Telling the good news. Fellowship - More than casual greetings and coffee after worship #DreamUMC
Sophia K. Agtarap@SophiaKrisRT @roblee4: @DreamUMC evangelical/evangelize Important Wesleyan concept w/ connotations of a group/community. #dreamumc // yup. reclaim it
Rob Lee@roblee4@DreamUMC evangelical/evangelize important Wesleyan concept that has been taken by a group within the church. #dreamumc
Vance C. Rains@vancerainsQ1b We just need to learn how to unpack our theological language better - never assume the meaning is obvious #dreamumc
Daryn DeZengotita@daryndezQ1b: Love, love and love. And then some more love. with love sprinkles. #dreamumc
Dylan Ward@DylanPWardQ1. If we're not willing to take the words seriously, I agree. //RT @BradS_80: Q1b: Grace, love, mercy, justice #dreamumc
Derek@Derek_K_TangQ1b: Liturgical tradition, missional, Scriptural #dreamumc #dreamumc
Keith Mcilwain@KeithMcilwainQ1b confession, sin, penitence, atonement, "new birth", perfection #dreamumc
Rev. Robb McCoy@FatPastorQ1 Too many confuse Justice with Vengeance. #DreamUMC
Erin Hachtel@erin_brightly@DreamUMC: Q1b: Grace: prevenient, justifying, and sanctifying. #dreamumc
Rob Lee@roblee4@SophiaKris @DreamUMC edited that a little to clarify. #dreamumc
Brad Smith@BradS_80Q1b: We also need to reclaim "Connection" Very few can give a clear definition of what it means and does #dreamumc
Becca Girrell Clark@pastorbeccaQ1b: social holiness/social justice. Can't be #umc without it, and it's not a bad thing. ever. #dreamumc
ttennheat@ttennheatQ1b: Jesus #dreamumc
John Leek@johnleek@Derek_K_Tang @erin_brightly (to help my response) what does the Quad mean to you? #dreamUMC
Becca Girrell Clark@pastorbeccaRT @BradS_80 Q1b: We also need to reclaim "Connection" Very few can give a clear definition of what it means and does/ YES. #dreamumc
Derek@Derek_K_TangQ1b: Scripture, tradition, reason, experience. #dreamumc
Dylan Ward@DylanPWardQ1b. Grace, inclusiveness, forgiveness, love. #dreamumc
Jarell@SingingforjoyQ1b: Holy Conferencing, Grace, Biblical #dreamUMC
Sophia K. Agtarap@SophiaKris@roblee4 @DreamUMC There's grace, Rob! You have a busted eye :( Glad you're still participating. #dreamumc
Derek@Derek_K_Tang@johnleek @erin_brightly Exactly what the terms indicate. #dreamumc
Keith Mcilwain@KeithMcilwainRT @pastorbecca Q1b: social holiness/social justice. Can't be #umc without it...#dreamumc // REALLY needs reclaimed from politics
TGBosley-Mitchell@RevTGBMQ1: It was God's will; in a better place #dreamumc
Dylan Ward@DylanPWardQ1b. Prevenient, Justifying, Sanctifying. #dreamumc
Alicia De Toffoli@AliciaDeToffoliQ1b: I miss "sanctuary" being used as more than just to describe a particular building. #dreamumc #dreamumc
Dylan Ward@DylanPWardSo, so, so much Amen to this. //RT @RevTGBM: Q1: It was God's will; in a better place #dreamumc
Derek@Derek_K_TangQ1b: would be great to stop conflating language of theology with language of politics#dreamumc #dreamumc
Brad Smith@BradS_80Q1b: "I disagree with your point of view, but let's talk about it" #dreamumc
Becca Girrell Clark@pastorbeccaQ1b: I like discernment and vocation. They may sound like jargon, but I think they are worth teaching. #dreamumc
Chris Redmond@darkgreendesk#dreamumc If I took a class in, say, sailing, I would feel cheated if I didn't learn the proper terminology for the sails and ropes.
Mark Calhoun@mtnprofetRT @DreamUMC Q1b: On the flip side what language is it important to retain or reclaim? #dreamumc //almost all mentioned could use reclaiming
Dream UMC@DreamUMCSounds like a lot of language is in need of unpacking, reframing, reclaiming, and maybe even perhaps replacing.... #dreamumc
Sophia K. Agtarap@SophiaKrisRT @pastorbecca: Q1b: I like discernment and vocation. // others outside the church use it too, which helps. #dreamumc
Dream UMC@DreamUMCQ2: When have you felt included/excluded by language the church uses?#dreamumc
Daryn DeZengotita@daryndezQ2: Much of this language draws a bright line between clergy and laity. It's the language of the seminary. #dreamumc
Vance C. Rains@vancerainsQ2 acronyms - we use them constantly! #dreamumc
Jarell@SingingforjoyQ2: When the church decided before I was born that I was incompatible with Christian teaching #dreamUMC
Sophia K. Agtarap@SophiaKris@FatPastor @pastorbecca exactly who I was thinking. I read him a lot as a teacher.#dreamumc
Dream UMC@DreamUMCRT @vancerains: Q2 acronyms - we use them constantly! // amen #dreamumc
Daryn DeZengotita@daryndezI havent' the foggiest notion what Wesley's Quadrilateral is. #dreamumc
Becca Girrell Clark@pastorbeccaRT @SophiaKris: Q2: When being called evangelical is a bad word. I LOVE that word.// yes :) #dreamumc
John Hughes@jhughes42071RT @daryndez: Q2: Much of this language draws a bright line between clergy and laity. Its the language of the seminary. #Dreamumc
ttennheat@ttennheatQ2: People hijack the real meaning of words. The words hurt less than how people throw them around. #dreamumc
Sophia K. Agtarap@SophiaKrisRT @daryndez: I havent' the foggiest notion what Wesley's Quadrilateral is.#dreamumc // there's a game that can teach you :) #truth
Rev. Robb McCoy@FatPastorQ2 A lot of "Family" talk at church means well, but leaves a lot of people out.#DreamUMC
Becca Girrell Clark@pastorbeccaQ2: whenever anyone I love is considered "incompatible" with Christian teaching.#dreamumc
Dylan Ward@DylanPWardQ2. Charge conference forms 1 through all. #dreamumc
Caroline Taber@CarelineLizzyReplacing words just seems like busy work i.e. churches thinking up endless new mission statements & not inviting folks to church #dreamumc
Becca Girrell Clark@pastorbeccaRT @daryndez: I havent the foggiest notion what Wesleys Quadrilateral is. // case in point, yes? #dreamumc
Sophia K. Agtarap@SophiaKrisQ2: When being called 'evangelical' is a bad word. I LOVE that word. #dreamumc
John Leek@johnleek@Derek_K_Tang My thoughts on how I understand Wesley's "quadrilateral" thinking:… #dreamUMC #andcanitbe
Keith Mcilwain@KeithMcilwainQ2 When good words like justice co-opted by political groups, reinterpreted to fit their own vision, I have felt hurt & excluded. #dreamumc
Becca Girrell Clark@pastorbeccaQ2: acronym soup. #dreamumc
Jarell@SingingforjoyQ2: When churches use marriage as God's ideal plan for everyone, & I'm still very single & legally hindered from marriage #dreamUMC
John Leek@johnleek@SophiaKris @daryndez There's a game? #dreamUMC Do tell more. :)
Daryn DeZengotita@daryndez@SophiaKris is it a drinking game? #dreamumc
ttennheat@ttennheat@KeithMcilwain I agree with how words are used. #dreamumc
Sophia K. Agtarap@SophiaKris.@lcpatt @FatPastor totally agree. I would hope churches define family = family by choice, rather than man, woman, kid. #dreamumc
John Leek@johnleek@daryndez Wesley doesn't either! ;) #dreamUMC
Becca Girrell Clark@pastorbeccaQ2- describing God only as an oppressive, power-hungry male. Can't even translate it in my head anymore. #dreamumc
Derek@Derek_K_TangOnus on us as church leaders to teach, then? If not using Quad model, at least the components @pastorbecca case in point, yes? #dreamumc
Sadie@revsadie@DreamUMC Q2 using only masculine or patriarchal language is really exclusionary for me #dreamumc
Mark Calhoun@mtnprofetMT @DreamUMC Q2: When have you felt excluded by language the church uses?#dreamumc //my first 10 years of being a part of a church
Sophia K. Agtarap@SophiaKris@johnleek @daryndez cokesbury, of course!…#dreamumc
Alicia De Toffoli@AliciaDeToffoliRT @revsadie: @DreamUMC Q2 using only masculine or patriarchal language is really exclusionary for me #dreamumc
Derek@Derek_K_Tang@FatPastor: attempting churchwide study of everyone's role IN a family this spring. Intentionally avoiding use of "family study." #dreamumc
Keith Mcilwain@KeithMcilwain@ttennheat Admittedly, all sides have done it. #dreamumc
Dream UMC@DreamUMCLanguage is often contextual, specific to the membership of a church. It can make insiders and outsiders more apparent... #dreamumc
Becca Girrell Clark@pastorbeccaRT @BradS_80 Q2: When words like "holiness" & "righteousness" are used as weapons to put one group down and lift another up/ amen #dreamumc
Dream UMC@DreamUMCQ3: How would you change/be intentional about language so your local ministry can better speak to the community? #dreamumc
ttennheat@ttennheat@KeithMcilwain Agreed #dreamumc
John Leek@johnleek@DreamUMC Q2 very rarely, we've removed almost all words that would make us distinctive from other churches or broader culture. #dreamUMC
Derek@Derek_K_TangQ2: When singular issues are elevated above others to dictate direction and agenda of church. #dreamumc
Sophia K. Agtarap@SophiaKrisQ2: When God is portrayed as a violent, vengeful God, rather than a God of love.#dreamumc
Mark Calhoun@mtnprofetMT @DreamUMC Q2: When have you felt included by language the church uses?#dreamumc // in angola & costa rica when I didn't know the lang.
Keith Mcilwain@KeithMcilwainQ3 Expand definitions inasmuch as I understand them. #dreamumc
Brad Smith@BradS_80Q3: I think you have to find teaching moments in order to change long held conceptions and attitudes #dreamumc
Jarell@SingingforjoyQ3: Just thinking before we speak would help, as well as define the words we use so we don't confuse our audiences #dreamUMC
Derek@Derek_K_TangQ3: at the risk of sounding glib, just do it. #dreamumc
Becca Girrell Clark@pastorbeccaQ3- small example. I replaced "Maundy Thursday" with "Holy Thursday," since no one outside (or inside?) the church knew the former #dreamumc
Kris Marshall@revkrisQ2 There's also a line between inclusive language and tokenism that I think we sometimes have trouble finding... #dreamumc
Alicia De Toffoli@AliciaDeToffoli#dreamumc Q3: Use inclusive language, ie gender neutral and not patriarchal.#dreamumc
Keith Mcilwain@KeithMcilwainQ3 Sermon series: "The Great Words of Methodism". Just kidding. #dreamumc
FriarW@FriarWWhy do so many find such resonance with the idea of a God of wrath anyway?#dreamumc
Becca Girrell Clark@pastorbeccaQ3- acronymns: my AC had a practice of making speakers donate $1 to the youth 4 every acronym- say whole phrase so all understand #dreamumc
ttennheat@ttennheatQ3: Stop spewing words with venom. #dreamumc
Rev. Robb McCoy@FatPastorQ3 I don't think it is always bad to use "insider" language, but must be willing to take the time to teach it. #DreamUMC
Jeremy W Scott@preachordieQ3 Todays communities will tune out anything we "say" much beter to "act" to the community. #dreamumc
Caroline Taber@CarelineLizzy@revkris Yes. "Our father or mother who art in heaven." 2nd wave feminism thing.#dreamumc
Keith Mcilwain@KeithMcilwain@pastorbecca Q3 Great example. I've done that, too. #dreamumc
Sophia K. Agtarap@SophiaKrisQ3: It would help to look at what we do/communicate from our "audience/end-user" perspective and see if we're making any sense. #dreamumc
Rev. Robb McCoy@FatPastorQ3 Simple example: printing full text of Lord's Prayer in bulletin/projection screen, instead of assuming everyone knows it #DreamUMC
Becca Girrell Clark@pastorbeccaQ3- take the time to educate, define words, and explore multiple meanings.#dreamumc
Caroline Taber@CarelineLizzyRT @preachordie: Q3 Todays communities will tune out anything we "say" much beter to "act" to the community. #dreamumc // yes!
Dylan Ward@DylanPWardQ3. Stop saying so much. Start acting more. #dreamumc
Mark Calhoun@mtnprofet@preachordie I suppose... as long as its inviting, hospitable and not excessively inclusive or exclusive #dreamumc
Derek@Derek_K_TangQ3: Local example: holding churchwide study to discuss individual roles in earthly + spiritual family. Avoiding "family study" tag #dreamumc
Keith Mcilwain@KeithMcilwain@revkris Yes...and the poetic narrative suffers. We have to use inclusive language WELL. Good point. #dreamumc
MeredithGould@MeredithGouldHey #dreamUMC tweeps, I'm always inspired by your tweets. #lurking
Robert Pelfrey@robertpelfreyQ3: Use the language/stories of the culture, a la Jesus using parables. He didn't need exclusivist insider jargon. #dreamumc
Debra Avery@jazzpastordRT @MeredithGould: Hey #dreamUMC tweeps, I'm always inspired by your tweets.#lurking // I always feel good and prayed over.
Kris Marshall@revkrisQ3 What music is played? Contemporary and traditional are not useful terms anymore. Will your neighborhood recognize your vibe? #dreamumc
John Leek@johnleek@DreamUMC Q3: (Background in journalism + political communication) Be INTENTIONAL about which words are used. Know why. #dreamUMC
Derek@Derek_K_TangThe more we discuss language and limitations, the more it sinks in that so much hinges on how and how much we teach. #dreamumc
Chris Redmond@darkgreendesk@sedahlinger Conversation with hashtag #dreamumc is about reforming mainstream churches; tonight, use of language.
Sophia K. Agtarap@SophiaKrisAt @FirstUMCSeattle we did a series: "Metho-huh?" that went over what the people called Methodists were all about. w/ study guide #dreamumc
Mark Calhoun@mtnprofetQ3 perhaps being intentional about teaching a new ecclesial language as if it were embodying & teaching about a new creation #dreamumc
John Leek@johnleek@DreamUMC Q3: I hope to teach those related to our distinctives at least yearly and explain liturgy in a similar way as well. #dreamUMC
Keith Mcilwain@KeithMcilwainRT @robertpelfrey Use the language/stories of the culture, a la Jesus & parables. Didn't need exclusivist insider jargon. #dreamumc // yes
Daryn DeZengotita@daryndezQ3: Don't explain via a 4-wk series and think you're done. New arrivals in Week 5.#dreamumc
Derek@Derek_K_TangDoes @DreamUMC provide transcripts? Sure would be handy to share with twitterless pastors #dreamumc
Rev. Robb McCoy@FatPastorQ3 In order to speak to a context, you must be fully in the context. Know the community. Build relationships. Learn the language #DreamUMC
Kris Marshall@revkrisQ3 Invite non-church friends to attend worship and make notes about what made sense and what was confusing. #dreamumc
John Leek@johnleek@SophiaKris @daryndez I'm slightly horrified. #dreamumc #andcanitbe
Mark Calhoun@mtnprofetRT @pastorbecca Q3- take the time to educate, define words, and explore multiple meanings. #dreamumc // YES!
Dream UMC@DreamUMC@Derek_K_Tang Yes!!! They will be posted on the DreamUMC Facebook page.@pastorbecca does all that for us :) #dreamumc
Sophia K. Agtarap@SophiaKrisQ3: Stop assuming/scripting what a UMC worship service is "supposed to" look like.#dreamumc
Becca Girrell Clark@pastorbecca@Derek_K_Tang Does #dreamumc provide transcripts? Sure would be handy to share with twitterless pastors/ yes on
Derek@Derek_K_TangBrilliant. RT @DreamUMC: Yes!!! They will be posted on the DreamUMC Facebook page. @pastorbecca does all that for us :) #dreamumc
Dream UMC@DreamUMCAwesome, friends. I'm loving this conversation. And those who call yourselves lurkers, feel free to join in whenever you'd like! #dreamumc
Dream UMC@DreamUMCQ4: How can we be intentionally include conversation partners in decision making processes when our primary language is different? #dreamumc
John Leek@johnleek@revkris Q3: This is very wise. I heard of a church that followed up with visitors who left, bribing them to give impressions. #dreamUMC
Dylan Ward@DylanPWardQ3. @SophiaKris I think a general format is at the heart of method-ism. The familiarity is comforting to some I think. #dreamumc
Vance C. Rains@vancerains@SophiaKris "supposed to" according to who? #dreamumc
Mark Calhoun@mtnprofet@robertpelfrey yep... that works really well where i'm at... Things have to be extremely contextual #dreamumc
Brian Hazard@brian_hazardConversation partners?? #Dreamumc
Jarell@SingingforjoyQ4: Do what Christ did & incarnate the language of the people we want a relationship with #dreamUMC
Erin Hachtel@erin_brightly@DreamUMC Q4 Find common ground and treat it as holy ground. #dreamumc
Dream UMC@DreamUMCQ4, in other words, language-specific ministries don't often get a say in how our structures / processes work. #dreamumc
Sophia K. Agtarap@SophiaKris@vancerains Just speaking to folks who would complain if worship didn't include all the creeds and like. #dreamumc
Becca Girrell Clark@pastorbeccaQ4- extremely hard and depends on medium. Something like this, I have no idea.#dreamumc
Dream UMC@DreamUMCQ4 For example, even we have trouble with the speed of this conversation and participation for non-English speakers... #dreamumc
Caroline Taber@CarelineLizzyq3: I'm finding there r ways 2 explain metho other than 'school.' ex: church walls. oldy but goody here: #dreamumc
Vance C. Rains@vancerainsQ4 mutually agree on your terms, ask questions, active listening, seek feedback#dreamumc
Rev. Robb McCoy@FatPastorQ4 Seems full of jargon #DreamUMC
Brad Smith@BradS_80Q4- Try to listen more and assume less #dreamumc
Mark Calhoun@mtnprofet@Derek_K_Tang @DreamUMC please tell me that there are no twitterless pastors :-) #dreamumc
ttennheat@ttennheatQ4: Give people a chance to speak, listen and discuss. Covenant (maybe an overused word) to do this in order to move forward. #dreamumc
Becca Girrell Clark@pastorbeccaQ4- @DreamUMC some english speaking folks have a hard time with it too ;)#dreamumc
Sophia K. Agtarap@SophiaKrisQ4: We have to have eyes to see who isn't at the table. Crowdsourcing like this is one way. #dreamumc
Keith Mcilwain@KeithMcilwainQ4 We need to utilize/train "translators" who know the correct language. #dreamumc
Alicia De Toffoli@AliciaDeToffoli#dreamumc Q4: Make the marginalized voices and languages a priority in conversation. Have translators, and move at their pace. #dreamumc
Becca Girrell Clark@pastorbeccaQ4 that's in part why we archive on the website. easier 2 translate. Can always use volunteers to summarize the conversation #plug #dreamumc
Becca Girrell Clark@pastorbeccaRT @SophiaKris: Q4: We have to have eyes to see who isnt at the table. Crowdsourcing like this is one way.// yes! #dreamumc
Derek@Derek_K_TangQ4: Clarity and definition. As tonight has shown, English alone isn't an issue when it comes to potential for convo partners #dreamumc
Mark Calhoun@mtnprofetMT @FatPastor Q3 Know the community. Build relationships. Learn the language#DreamUMC // Yes! its the basis of discipleship and missiology!
Brian Hazard@brian_hazardQ4 rather than agree on terms learn to use the Other's terms (counseling skills 1) makes me much clearer on my intent. #Dreamumc
Derek@Derek_K_TangQ4: Informed decisions cannot be made as part of process without uniform lexicon.#dreamumc
Dylan Ward@DylanPWardQ4. Seemed very jargon-y #dreamumc
Sophia K. Agtarap@SophiaKrisQ4: But the question remains: Will the people who have the influence to make change be willing to be more inclusive in convos #dreamumc
Mark Calhoun@mtnprofetRT @Singingforjoy Q4: Do what Christ did & incarnate the language of the people we want a relationship with #dreamUMC // Indeed!
Andy Oliver@HeyAndyOliverQ4: again, spend time outside your context to experience how it feels #dreamUMC
Dream UMC@DreamUMC@DylanPWard @FatPastor Help me fix it. The point is, how to we help the folks who share our faith and don't speak our language. #dreamumc
Robert Pelfrey@robertpelfrey@SophiaKris: Q4: We have to have eyes to see who isn't at the table. // Yes, vital!#dreamumc
Sophia K. Agtarap@SophiaKrisQ4: It's hard to bring in other voices in the convo when we keep asking the same people for input. #dreamumc
Vance C. Rains@vancerains@SophiaKris serious question - who has the influence, and who is being excluded?#dreamumc
Becca Girrell Clark@pastorbeccaRT @SophiaKris: Q4: question remains: Will people who have influence to make change b willing 2 b more inclusive/ afraid i know :( #dreamumc
Dylan Ward@DylanPWard@DreamUMC @FatPastor Got it, much clearer. Thank you! #dreamumc
Derek@Derek_K_TangThat's good to me. Simple, direct RT @DreamUMC: point is, how to we help the folks who share our faith and dont speak our language #dreamumc
Becca Girrell Clark@pastorbeccaRT @vancerains: @SophiaKris serious question - who has the influence, and who is being excluded? // essential. mental note. #dreamumc
Sophia K. Agtarap@SophiaKris@vancerains well based on general conference, we see who has the influence. But#dreamumc and other groups have the power to change. I pray.
Vance C. Rains@vancerainsQ4 we do realize this is a pretty homogenous conversation, don't we??? #dreamumc
Mark Calhoun@mtnprofet@Derek_K_Tang could it also be said that transformation is a byproduct of a lexicon grounded in chaos? #dreamumc
Robert Pelfrey@robertpelfreyQ4: Have to be intentional in setting aside agendas and thinking creatively.#dreamumc
Becca Girrell Clark@pastorbecca@vancerains: Q4 we do realize this is a pretty homogenous conversation, dont we??? / imperfect, but striving for greater inclusion #dreamumc
Dream UMC@DreamUMC@vancerains Q4 we do realize this is a pretty homogenous conversation, don't we??? // Even better that we're asking the questions! #dreamumc
Dylan Ward@DylanPWardQ4. Engaging in sincere dialogue. Talking with people. Not preaching at them.#dreamumc
Sophia K. Agtarap@SophiaKris@vancerains This chat is sort of a prime example of that. We draw people who are: on social media and who choose to participate #dreamumc
Mark Calhoun@mtnprofet@DreamUMC @DylanPWard @FatPastor but doesn't everybody speak the language of love... and on occasion justice and mercy? #dreamumc
Daryn DeZengotita@daryndezQ4: Every word of "eccleezy speak" has a simple English translation. Use that.#dreamumc
Dream UMC@DreamUMCOkay, we're drawing to a close pretty soon... Thanks for participating tonight! Lots to think about and more to do... #dreamumc
Vance C. Rains@vancerains@DreamUMC not a criticism - we just need to remember the diversity of the UMC is not represented here #dreamumc
Jarell@Singingforjoy@mtnprofet @DreamUMC @DylanPWard @FatPastor If only hahaha #dreamUMC
Brian Hazard@brian_hazardQ4 Oooh. Can I use ekleezy speak? ... Or 'kleezy... #Dreamumc
Dream UMC@DreamUMCQ5: We have a G+Hangout coming up on how to do action/topic groups. Reply back if you are passionate and want to join discussion. #dreamumc
Derek@Derek_K_Tang@mtnprofet It sure can. But the threshold before terming "chaos" will vary.#dreamumc
Karyn Kuan@klkuanamen. // RT @SophiaKris: Q4: It's hard to bring in other voices in the convo when we keep asking the same people for input. #dreamumc
Alicia De Toffoli@AliciaDeToffoli#dreamumc Prioritize the marginalized; have the goal of seeking out the voices that aren't being heard. Learn a new language. #dreamumc
Dylan Ward@DylanPWardRT @SophiaKris: Q4: It's hard to bring in other voices in the convo when we keep asking the same people for input. #dreamumc
Dream UMC@DreamUMCI hope we keep thinking of ways to broaden the conversation, to invite more voices, or go to where they are speaking and listen. #dreamumc
Robert Pelfrey@robertpelfreyHelps to think in terms of 21st century field preaching. What does that look like today? #dreamumc
Sophia K. Agtarap@SophiaKris@AliciaDeToffoli amen. And sometimes a new language means a new medium.#dreamumc
Becca Girrell Clark@pastorbeccaRT @DreamUMC: Q5: We have a G+Hangout coming up on how to do action/topic groups. Reply back if you want to join discussion. #dreamumc
Keith Mcilwain@KeithMcilwainQ4 It would be great to have more Central Conference voices in this convo.#dreamumc
Derek@Derek_K_Tang@DreamUMC: Move beyond reports and numbers and actually sit down for brainstorming and visioning, both online and in person. #dreamumc
Brian Hazard@brian_hazardQ4 a seriously tech savvy person could tweet chat from a group in front of a big screen -- not me. #Dreamumc
Dream UMC@DreamUMCSo we've got a couple minutes left to close with prayer. Will you pray with me?#dreamumc
Andy Oliver@HeyAndyOliverYES. “@AliciaDeToffoli: #dreamumc Prioritize the marginalized; have the goal of seeking out voices not being heard. Learn new language.
Vance C. Rains@vancerains@DreamUMC I'm still really unclear who we think is being left out of "the conversation" #dreamumc
Dream UMC@DreamUMCSpirit who bridges all gaps, linguistic, theological, geographical, socioeconomic or simply born of our limited imagination... #dreamumc
Dream UMC@DreamUMCHelp us grasp the words that best convey your radically welcoming and unconditional love to a world that strains to hear it! Amen. #dreamumc
Derek@Derek_K_Tang@brian_hazard Wife has Love It or List It on, and I'm glancing up now and then. Does that count? #dreamumc
Robert Pelfrey@robertpelfreyAmen. #dreamumc
Becca Girrell Clark@pastorbeccaAmen. Great chat, everyone, and thanks Kris! #dreamumc
Caroline Taber@CarelineLizzy@DreamUMC Amen. #dreamumc
Derek@Derek_K_TangAmen #dreamumc
Dream UMC@DreamUMCWhew. #dreamumc
Sophia K. Agtarap@SophiaKrisWell done, @revkris. I'll throw some Gungor on in honor of you. #dreamumc
Keith Mcilwain@KeithMcilwainThx Kris. Well done. @DreamUMC #dreamumc
Derek@Derek_K_TangSorta new to this. Happy to see all the input. Thanks, everyone! #dreamumc
Alicia De Toffoli@AliciaDeToffoli#dreamumc And some love sprinkles. #dreamumc
Becca Girrell Clark@pastorbeccaNext tweetup in 2 weeks-- and send a tweet @DreamUMC if you's like to do a hangout about work groups! #dreamumc
Daryn DeZengotita@daryndezYay @revkris #spectacular #dreamumc
Sadie@revsadie@DreamUMC deep breath. Amen #dreamumc
Andy Oliver@HeyAndyOliver@vancerains @DreamUMC Vance, I think some are referring to the perceived stranglehold boomers (as a whole) hold on power. #dreamumc
Derek@Derek_K_TangThat was surreal. Just went from #DreamUMC convo about church to seeing#HouseHunters couple talk about room for inflatable shark. #Huh
Mark Calhoun@mtnprofet@DreamUMC @revkris great job tonight, thanks #dreamumc
notashot@notashot@itsRobynwithay I just lurked on #dreamumc and their great denominational chat was inspirating me for our upcoming #presbychat
Dream UMC@DreamUMCNext tweetup is in two weeks! Send a tweet to @DreamUMC if you'd like to do a hangout about work groups! #dreamumc
Daryn DeZengotita@daryndez@DreamUMC I'm in for a hangout. #workathomealone #needy #dreamumc
Julie Wilson@UMdeaconJulieshoot, totally missed the #dreamumc tweet time, got distracted... guess I'll have to scan and see what I missed
Lincoln Rose@SeaLinc2#dreamumc of a day when Sunday School involves going, being and doing. Instead of hanging a welcome sign out & hoping butts come to pews.
Abney Parchman@abbkneeThe UMC's horizon is broadening, and God is opening doors for missions all around the world, so in that I praise Him! #dreamUMC
Rev. Robb McCoy@FatPastorQ1 "Everything happens for a reason" is one of the most overused and lazy statements I hear from Christians. #DreamUMC
Kevin Watson@kevinwatson@KeithMcilwain @pastorbecca social holiness as social justice are not the same thing!!! #dreamumc
TGBosley-Mitchell@RevTGBM@DreamUMC what do you mean by "work groups"? #dreamumc
Rev. Jeremy Smith@umjeremy.@SophiaKris @KeithMcilwain @vancerains been tough figuring out how to include CC folks. Our CC voices are US missionaries atm #dreamumc
Pulpit Fiction@PulpitFpodcast#PulpitFiction is a podcast about the upcoming lectionary subscribe on iTunes #dreamUMC #presbychat #ELCA
Rev. Jeremy Smith@umjeremy.@kevinwatson @SophiaKris @vancerains @KeithMcilwain I'd challenge trad. folks to find ANY of our Q's that are partisan/offensive #dreamumc
Sophia K. Agtarap@SophiaKris@umjeremy @kevinwatson @vancerains @KeithMcilwain I think there are 'traditional' folks participating in the #dreamumc too.
Rob Rynders@robryndersLooks like tonight’s #dreamumc chat was a good one. One of these days I won’t have a meeting and can participate. Keep up the good work!
David L Hansen@rev_david@MeredithGould @FatPastor Yes, I posted Tweetchat dot com at the start of last week's chat #DreamUMC #ChSocM
matthew stuckey@mattstuckey#dreamumc is trending on twitter. The United Methodist Church is at work! Join the convo.
Social Ministry@SocialMnstryReading tonight's @DreamUMC chat reminds me how much I miss them. Sadly, work comes first. Good chat tonight everyone #dreamumc
Social Ministry@SocialMnstry#dreamumc Speaking of language, seems that "central conference" is jargon people don't understand. (Btw, it's conferences outside the US)
Dream UMC@DreamUMC@RevTGBM groups will take on, consider, and organize action around various UM topics. Check out the Facebook page for more info!
Dream UMC@DreamUMC@SocialMnstry We miss you too!
Vance C. Rains@vancerains@kevinwatson @SophiaKris @KeithMcilwain we are so diverse - our strength may also be our downfall. Someone always feels excluded #dreamumc
Alicia De Toffoli@AliciaDeToffoli#dreamumc Q3: Use inclusive language, ie gender neutral and not patriarchal.#dreamumc
Dylan Ward@DylanPWardQ1b. Grace, inclusiveness, forgiveness, love. #dreamumc
Rethink Church@umrethinkchurchDay 14 of the photo-a-day project: lift. #rethinkchurch #dreamumc#umc
Dream UMC@DreamUMCQ3: How would you change/be intentional about language so your local ministry can better speak to the community? #dreamumc
Keith Mcilwain@KeithMcilwainIs salvation an "in or out" proposition or does the direction we are headed matter?#missiology #andcanitbe #umclead #dreamumc #arminianism
Matt Lipan@mattlipanchallenging post from @kevinwatson on where our hope lies as Wesleyans & the#umc. #dreamumc #andcanitbe
Jason Hockran@andoverhawkPraise God, what a blessing - Connecting Methodists in South Carolina Since 1837 - Forever Friends… #dreamumc #liveumc
Russell Clark@revrussclarkDay 14: Lift. I can & I am. #rethinkchurch #umc #dreamumc#GodMadeYouToBeOWESOME!
Sophia K. Agtarap@SophiaKris@MeredithGould @jazzpastord @LauraRayScholar we just had similar conversation in the #dreamumc chat last night.
MeredithGould@MeredithGould@SophiaKris @jazzpastord @LauraRayScholar Well, you know my "thing" about paying attn to generational cohorts & nuances! #dreamumc #chsocm
Erin Hachtel@erin_brightly@umjeremy Given the topic, its intent, and replies, I think the burden is on the question-posers to examine the Qs for bias. #dreamumc
Vance C. Rains@vancerainsQ! whatever we say, we should explain and unload - never assume peopel know what we are talking about! #dreamumc
Dylan Ward@DylanPWardCan any #UMC folk tell me what in the heck Article 13 is doing in the articles of religion? #dreamumc @umjeremy @revragamuffin
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