07-23-2012 Tweetchat Compilation

Tweetup on July 23, 2012- Jurisdictional Conference Debriefing

I counted 47 people tweeting– I don’t know how Jeremy gets his stats– I was doing it just by counting, so I don’t know how many tweets were sent!


Q1: Jurisdictional Conferences are over. Highs/Lows from your experience (or hearing about it)? Please note which jurisdiction! (tweets separated by JC)


  • High was the dance party…seeing YAs and elders dancing online was hilarious. #scj12   // & #Bledsoe discussion was all heart.
  • Definitely the dancing while waiting for Bishop assignments! Wish I had been there.   #scj12
  • SCJ. Painful and still expect comes fallout. From north Texas conf.
  • Our prayers were with you in the #scjumc That was a difficult gathering I’m sure.
  • Involuntary retirement of Bishop Bledsoe in #scj12 was a low. Accusations, mistrust. Still don’t know what to think.
  • #scj12 the feeling in the room after Cynthia got elected/anything dealing with bishop Bledsoe
  • High-Bishop Coyner staying in Indiana Conference! Low-hard times in SCJ with bishop and accountability, prayers for all sides
  • I was sad to only watch it online and miss out. #scj12
  • Two Highs- Twitter use at #scj12 and Bishop Hayes preaching opening worship- “keepers of the baggage”!!!!
  • SCJ “High” The “dance party”….when we have fun, we connect better with each other and witness well. “Low” Bledsoe situation.
  • #SCJ had a service project where the delegates went out to feed the homeless
  • high: experiencing my first JC at #SCJ12, no lows!


  • High Bishop McClee acceptance speech and the awesome schoolfellow of “my church”
  • #nej12 HIGH: hearing Bish Matthews coming home to BWC; LOW: speech by candidate who lost last episc. slot (& general fatigue!)
  • Hi= #NEJ pass resolution to fully include lgbtq community in life/sacraments of #umc; Lo= #NEJ excluding latino/a community
  • High – NEJ’s adoption of the statement of principle; Low – deadlock around episcopal elections
  • Hi= sitting next to Martin McLee as he was elected bishop and seeing the true joy/holy spirit move him   #nej
  • Hi=getting bishop Steiner ball in the #wvumc lo=deadlock, lack of unity. #nej12
  • Nothing really stood out as a high. Yay for inclusion statement at #nej but what does it change? Was just haggle over bishops?


  • #SEJ Highlight – Holston elected Bishop. Low – snarky politics re: other nominees.
  • high – amazing, moving worship; low – the worst of our faults hurting our episcopal elections #sejumc
  • Bishop Cho’s election in the sej was an amazing, surprise move of the HS-a bishop who PRAYS! #finally
  • Out of the box thinking by the sej episcopacy committee–appointing Cho to his HOME conference! #amazing #wise
  • Low was apparent speech against a candidate who was Native American in order to get a candidate who was Asian elected. #sejumc
  • though not there, high-Holston elected #sejumc and low-reports of rumors a/g candidates


  • #NCJ seemed uneventful from reports, a compliment! Sad decline in #NCJ means Dakotas and Minn. have to share a Bishop.
  • at #ncj2012 I saw a great convo on future of the church, but my fave part was tweeting up with others, making F2F connections
  • NCJ High: change of bishops. Low: News of Bledsoe vote.
  • NCJ high: retaining our bishop & following multiple confs via twitter. low: bledsoe situation was tough.
  • was #NCJ2012 the only JC with a scheduled Tweet-up? Did others make plans to meet folks F2F?


  • Highs: Pretty much the entire conference. So proud to be in a reconciling juris. #wjumc
  •  #wjumc nominating report came back 80% white


  • Love that the #wjumc made a statement of inclusion, despite Discipline. #nejumc did as well. Any others?
  • #SCJ was pretty ho-hum (excluding Bledsoe’s situation), but I loved #wjumc & #nej rebelling against the incompatibility clause
  • High- the way FB lit up w excited messages from around the country when epis. appts were announced.
  • Low would be expectation that despite prophetic legislation at #nej12 and #wjumc, they would not likely last past the JC
  • Sneaking away from vacay to say “hi.” Loved Tweets at the end of GC. Hope to stay connected. Pleased LGBT resolution in the West
  • I wanted to reflect that following juris conf via twitter and news outlets made it feel like a lot of regional navel gazing (1of2)
  • I was hoping for juris to do something more missional rather than focus on the internal business of the UMC for itself. (2 of 2)


Q2: How did/does your Jurisdiction lift up gender/ethnic/age/sexuality/etc diversity (or have room to improve)?

  • huge improvement needed in age diversity
  • This I gotta hear.
  • There’s a massive split even among progressives as far as what gender/ethnicity means in episcopal/legislation considerations
  • #SCJ elected it 1st Latina bishop!
  • need to do better, but seems ACs also need to do better in electing delegations #nej12
  • #westj has no white male bishops.
  • #wjumc needs a white male bishop to be fully inclusive. :)
  • it seems they try. Many appointments are diverse, gendered, and know openly gay individuals #wjumc
  • SWTX and RGC repented of past racism and voted to become one again
  • obviously, in light of the Bishop Bledsoe situation, we have some work to do and bridges to rebuild in NTX.
  • NCJ is getting better, but has a long road toward greater diversity, it must begin with Church Plants!
  • NCJ lots of lip service, haven’t heard about real action yet.
  • I feel that in #nej12 diversity was treated as a box to check off. The retiring and new bps fit the same demographic cats
  • Proud to be part of #NGUMC that had two minority candidates. Not sure how I feel on age issue. Experience is valuable.
  • In NCJ Church Plants must be more numerous and not only among growing predominantly white middle/upper-middle class suburbs!
  • I am weary of diversity being an issue in elections of bishops. We should be looking at diversity in the LOCAL church
  • For Q2, I’m interested in nominations and bds/agencies as well as episcopal elections.
  • #scj12 has episcopal candidates that were native American/African American/Hispanic/Latino/Caucasian/Male and female!
  • #NEJ filled retired bishop slots w/ same demographics of newly elected bishops (white female white male african american male)
  • #wjumc tries to have inclusive worship too – songs sung in different languages, etc. it has taken practice to make it work
  • as far as nominations….we’ve got work to do.
  • part of #NGUMC that had two minority candidates.// I wonder how age & gender played a role in this area.
  • diversity more than electing “firsts”. Must push ourselves to truly embrace diversity, not just check off a box.
  • I’ll echo @halehawk and add that the Juris. conf. focuses our thoughts on diversity with an uneccesarily top heavy focus.
  • I think we take it for granted that local churches will be homogenous. That’s a problem.
  • not a very inclusive worship at #nej although @markismusic @shalompaz and I tried to make word changes on the spot
  • thank God for @markismusic taking over the piano! #nej12
  • NCJ no election, Bishop Lee, female, black, retired. Korean Bishop Jung coming to WI.
  • For #wjumc, I think that if young adults were more active in speaking (like this year), our diversity in nominations will change.
  • diversity is also new people vs. folks who have served for years on boards, delegations. We should b more inclusive there 2
  • mostly ok in #sejumc, but in push for obvious diversity we judged on looks alienating a Nat. Am. We must be better.
  • White men can be the voice of diversity, too. It’s in their works and policies, not their skin color.


Q3: The big-church gatherings are done. What are the best ways to continue the conversation? Where do we go from here?

  • To the local churches and to the streets. Enough conferencing it’s time for action!
  • read a quote earlier “bloggers are not your competition – they’re your community”. that’s how it continues for me.
  • continue dreaming, include more people in the discussion, write legislation for #gc2016, mission
  • I think we need to keep talking and meeting. do what we can to inspire, encourage and pray for each other. share ideas, success
  • Organize regional gatherings at the same time and connect them via social media or streaming video. Alternate live speakers?
  • #scj2012 #gc2012 “recap and why it matters” in the local church
  • keeping in contact as we progress, maybe not as often but stopping the conversation stalls possible change!
  • but we have to continue to raise concerns in church gatherings at the local level – starts with who we send to AC every year
  • The communities sustained via social networking allows us to share our successes/struggles within our local churches
  • @Anniemac24 You’re right. It is time to start thinking about #gc2016 legislation.
  • been talking abt this network in sermons recently, letting my congregation know that we are part of a bigger conversation.
  • I propose doing church differently not the same thing with diff. people
  • I will begin hosting 1/4 mtgs for clergy @JohnStUMC in Sept in effort to keep convo going/keep energy up/fight discouragement
  • engage social media + local congregations. develop additional umc leadership/connection conferences, etc.
  • continue to use social media to connect across conference/regional lines
  • I liked the move toward small working groups. Still happening?
  • is there a role that the general bds and agencies can play in continuing the conversation?
  • Not sure what to suggest for the selection of bishops and board members yet though! I’ll have to keep dreaming. (2 of 2)
  • I think the community we have is important to keep us going #workoutbuddies
  • Need local movements with micro-meetings or meetups. Dreaming locally then shared via avenues like this one. Diverse voices.
  • continue the conversation, focus in on local churches, encourage diversity in the conversation, build connection!
  • Continue by working to make #dreamumc an approved caucus for JC/episcopal endorsement purposes
  • Sharing #dreamumc thoughts at the #NEJ vision table I got elected to
  • perhaps some sort of grassroots work at the AC level too
  • Also, outreach to #mainlinedreams, #dreampcusa et al
  • Find ways 2 aggregate, convene digital spaces. The #nej12 blog, for example was open to anyone. We gave the keys away; it worked.
  • responses to sermons great – ppl on the ground floor are beginning to imagine that there could be a different kind of church
  • Still think way to keep convo going and more fruitful is to have it at times for our African & Asians sis/bros can join easier
  • I think empowerment is a slow process. Start working for liberation and emancipation now and the power will build slowly.
  • i like the organizing idea. YA clergy/laity in CALNEV are woefully disorganized, although well-represented (can that happen?!)
  • we still need to figure out how to engage with our international brothers and sisters, esp. those in Africa
  • Some of us layfolk don’t really wait for an invitation.
  • Organize regional gatherings at the same time and connect them via social media or streaming video.
  • more conversation might help build trust. That’s seriously lacking in the #umc now. As #gc2012 and #nej12 proved.
  • we should work to encourage and support other dreamers election to #GC2016.
  • Shameless plug for my recent blog post addressing “where do we go from here” a little bit: hackingchristianity.net/?p=3013
  • Must we continue with labels? Drives me crazy some days – lay, clergy, YA, etc … how about moving past all those?
  • Great question. Answer must include previous generation not on twitter. ‘Old guard’ still needed to bring in timely changes.
  • Also, dreamers need to speak up in their home churches if they want to go to AC as a delegate. AC Delegates lead to GC delegates.
  • Also, if you can’t get to AC yourself, educate your voting delegate!
  • Also let your DS know you are willing to serve as an equalization or young adult delegate role.
  • As a campus min,I want the reflections of my students about church…even if they didn’t follow GC or JC
  • Convos with other mainlines like #dreamPCUSA are already happening which is encouraging. There’s synergy across the board
  • B&As can connect like-minded folk across the connection to build friendships and work on #GC2016 legislation
  • As we move forward as yng people in the UMC, check out my thoughts about how we interact in the convo. wp.me/p1xPdC-19
  • I like the idea that candidates would associate themselves with the dream movement — would seek our support, endorsement.
  • @SeanDelmore Absolutely!!! But we r so diverse that I worry this being labled “what the younger people think” #ifwewereacaucus
  • Feel u; 1 of my concerns all along re: #dreamumc Need for relevancy & structural change not just young thing #ifwewereacaucus
  • @ecolleen @SeanDelmore So true, worried any proposed legislation would be portrayed like this and exclude theo/age/race divsty
  • @BrianFelkJones @ecolleen Agreed. & that happens already. Part of my hope for #dreamumc is we name & refute this kind of cynical framing.

Q4: We have the work groups picked out for the different topics. How should they work?

  • and, with respect to Q4, if you want to join or add importance to a work group, comment on this page here: on.fb.me/RRNbTu
  • I think folks should self-assign to groups that lit their fire!
  • We have work groups now? I’m not a myfacespacebook user so maybe I missed something.
  • method may differ b/c of diff. topic, at least need a convener (or 2); work sep., then check in all #dreamumc, just to keep all together
  • “Classes” of 12 – h/t >> J Wesley
  • I think we could use the facebook group to start working on legislation now, so we can spread it across AC lines faster
  • Use dreamumc fb pg to continue the convo? We invited Hispanic youth from MARCHA but most don’t tweet yet but are on Fb.
  • Work groups could sponsor their own tweetup chats. #dreamdiscipleship #dreamworldwidechurch #dreamdreamdream
  • Since some people don’t like FB, and Twitter is limited, it might be worth the investment to get our own website going.
  • Google + hangouts? Could see your smiling faces! oh, wait . . .
  • I am for physical meetings at people’s houses, best conversations start over home-cooked meals (I would volunteer my house)!
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