06-25-2012 Tweetchat Compilation

Our last night’s conversation had 48 participants sent 502 updates via the hashtag #dreamumc in our hour conversation. Also our percentage of @ responses (not RTs) went up higher than previous weeks. This means MORE people are talking TO and WITH each other than just opining away. It is exciting to see new people, but also to see people get more comfortable conversing in social media. Awesome!


For our Tweetup, we had four questions for the participants as we seek to turn the DreamUMC conversation into conver-action! (or something like that…)

  • Q1:  As regional gatherings at JC are upon us, how would you like to see the time be used to *move* the status quo?
  • Q2:  What have you done / What would *like to do* to move the DreamUMC conversation beyond tweet-ups?
  • Q3: how do you envision taking this conversation into *action*: topic groups, legislative action groups, regional gatherings, etc?
  • Q4: If you had to pick TWO topics that you were MOST interested in talking with other Dreamers about…what are they? We’ll divide you into working groups that could start thinking in concrete intentional ways!

Here’s the responses. We compiled only the ones that used the appropriate “Q” tag as those were the easiest to compile and, hey, we are volunteers here!


Q1: As regional gatherings at JC are upon us, how would you like to see the time be used to *move* the status quo?

  • Episcopal elections. 2move 4ward charges-districts-AC-JC need worship discussion/Holy Conf. & experiences of difference
  • I think we need to find out what the “status quo” really is, and why it is… Why changes do people envision? What are fears?
  • I think @mmiofsky is correct. JC itself won’t generate much change. But its delegates can start conversations that might.
  • We have no bishops to elect. The agenda is otherwise “cut and dried.” Starting a conversation gets SOMETHING to happen.
  • We’ve subverted Wesley’s ‘the world is my church’ to ‘my church is my world.’ quote from @WNCBishop
  • By being conduit for connections, accountability, best practices, and encouragement by the Holy Spirit to enliven ACs and LCs
  • Moving the status quo by proposing the dissolution of the entire Jurisdictional system!
  • AC empowers church leaders for local change, see JC’s used to empower conference leaders to make changes in conferences
  • Excellent @twbe I too think we need to start having talks about what the function jurisdictions can and should be.
  • Hopeful we can elect bishops at JC who can provide effective leadership for change.
  • I do not believe JC is a venue where we move the status quo forward.
  • I don’t know a darn thing about jurisdictional conferences except they elect bishops! I’m unqualified to answer the question.
  • I personally want to be involved via social media for every JC to get outside the tunnel vision of the SEJ.
  • I think that we should be focusing on listening to God together.. if we are not doing that, then we’re missing the point.
  • I want JCs to move toward making the US a Central Conference
  • I’d like connections to be made, all voices to be heard and appreciated, and dreams to be shared
  • I’d like to rethink the episcopacy at #SEJ2012.
  • I’d like to see the strengths of bishops shared throughout the#SEJ2012. No one bishop is great at everything.
  • I’d like to see voices come forth from the margins and be put on general boards and agencies
  • I’d like us to elect bishops more concerned w/ppl they serve than their own statuses…and of course concerned about Jesus
  • I’d love to see JCs practice holy conferencing & have deep conversations that may not have been possible at larger gatherings
  • I’m with @mmiofsky JCs are all about elections and that’s it – no, or very little potential for dreaming or change
  • I’m with @mmiofskyJCs are all about elections and that’s it – no, or very little potential for dreaming or change
  • Love to see us spend some time praying and fasting together
  • Really, esp in a jurisdiction like SEJ, episcopal elections are the whole ballgame. Need to elect good forward-thinking folks.
  • Start conversations about different ways of “doing” church – missional, new monasticism, cooperative parishes, etc.
  • The WJ has done a lot to move the church out here. In 2008 the West voted to becoming a reconciling Jurisdiction
  • to put words into action or at least into holy conferencing
  • We ought to think about the way that status quo plays into conversations on restructure, and think critically before acting.
  • JCs should use the time to repent of discrimination & being poor stewards of God’s blessings.

Q2: What have you done / What would *like to do* to move the DreamUMC conversation beyond tweet-ups?

  • Conv >140 char coord nationally but in local cong small groups w rpt-backs. Conc issues not abstr hopey changey
  • East Ohio AC had a social media in-person meeting one night. I’d like to see more regional in-person followups to online convos
  • host monthly meeting in NYC to build friendships across AC borders, discuss Wesleyan theology, do instead of complain
  • it starts w/ our groups&congregations. Educated & empower.
  • Twitter has put our foot in the door. But personal conversations are more important. Talking to decision-makers abt future.
  • Meeting in person is the best next step!
  • A tweetup would probably be good. Get all the ppl together to talk.
  • also, more and more we’re getting into places of impact, DCOM, BOOM, other conf., leadership, where we can more directly shape
  • Been asked to help plan district leadership workshop next year. What topics would get some of you to participate?
  • Create resources for robust Wesleyan theology and connect local cong’s w rsc so we’re not just Baptists who baptize babies.
  • Encouraged discussions and dreaming on an AC level in small groups and accountability groups
  • for example, I had a great talk with my DS/delegation head about what people said at a previous tweetup. Sharing w/ others too
  • have done…speaking out some through my blog & other social media to begin to educate
  • Hold a Christmas Conference… Take 2.
  • I think also bringing together YP who’re strongly involved in conversation can be important in making sure that voice is heard
  • I think that the best thing to do is start these conversations in our churches.
  • I wrote a script for a video today, all means ALL message … REALLY living the 3 “opens”
  • I’d also see a more global conversation. I don’t know how that could happen being social media-heavy…
  • Idea Jam / Dream Big Hangout via Google Hangout
  • Inclusive can also mean “older” clergy who are just as excited about return to Wesleyan community as are some young clergy.
  • I’ve already gotten the JC convo started in my delegation (IN). Not advocating for a particular outcome but for good thinking
  • I’ve heard us lift Ideas for legislation or drafting statements/resolutions. Can we form teams or groups interested in such?
  • right PastorThom…I’d love to have some real life discussions to dream new models of community and how to jumpstart them.
  • sharing our thoughts with those not on Twitter–of what the younger generation is taking about and prepping for.
  • sharing the  vision to the local conference to educate those who aren’t twitter friendly about the change & vision
  • We are trying to start new worship sites, engage our colleges in innovative ways, and give young leaders a chance to lead.
  • We have great twitter conversations. But often dialogue can lead to action. (continued)
  • We in the WJ are having a pre-gathering to talk/dream about the future and how we can do ministry differently in the West.
  • We try to implement dreams rapidly, admit failure, learn, and act again. We are trying to have a bias for action.
  • what if there was time for small group discussions or break-out groups to discuss  topics/questions at JCs ACs & GCs in person
  • What if we got  twitter highlights printed in the DCAs?
  • What if we planned our vacations/cont. ed opps to meet each other?
  • get to JC and get myself introduced to people…have to be there in person for conversation 2 happen

Q3: how do you envision taking this conversation into *action*: topic groups, legislative action groups, regional gatherings, etc?

  • Come to NYC and I’ll let you bang Asbury’s gavel.
  • Get out in the community, ppl see us, ask about that funny cross-n-flame on our tshirt, we can tell why we do what we do?
  • Honestly, I don’t. At least in terms of votes. This will matter in 2015 elections. Elected folks already know how they’ll vote.
  • agree on a platform of ideas, connect with each other and emerging leaders & effective pastors, make legislation in our ACs
  • Totally agree w/ @mmiofsky about moving past restructure to more importance on theology, conversation, evangelism, and growth!
  • As a church, we want to fund new projects in new places, train and support emerging leaders starting new churches/sites, and
  • Discussions on what “missional” means from a UMC pov. It seems to mean all things to all people right now. Much confusion.
  • do what YOU do best–4 some, political organizing, 4 others theological reflection, 4 others, motivating people (1 Cor 12)
  • form relationships with ppl in other AC/JCs and learn their settings and plan together, get elected to stuff and make  reality
  • Google+ hangout or Skype , with topics, and invite our international friends to take part. Do at least quarterly.
  • How do we avoid reinventing the wheel? What are the actual gaps in current infrastructure?
  • I plan to write legislation for GC and my AC
  • I think #gc2012 proved to us that we really need some grassroots action. We can’t always depend on top-down – involve LCs.
  • I want to use the tech we have available in multiple platforms to make connecting, planning, and drafting ideas more possible
  • If each AC/JC had a team committed to convos about homosexuality, future of UMC, making disciples, etc. 1/?
  • IN conversation becomes NCJ conv. becomes multiple juris conv. of those interested within a year
  • Involving people at the local church level in the conversations and allowing them to direct their own “vitality”.
  • it starts in the local congregation. Ave. person in pew could care less…let’s help them care more.
  • Less interested in political organizing; much more interested in theological renewal which creates common premises.
  • Organize topical groups online/in person according 2 interest draft legislation, blog results discuss 2 reach consensus online
  • perhaps teams then share w/ other AC/JC teams then come up w/ solutions and toss them around until there is a plan. 2/3
  • Plan tossed around to larger audience until refined and can be presented to GC. I think that’s some of what CtA lacked.
  • provide a venue to move past institutional reform conversations or growth strategies and instead provide a community for (1/2)
  • Share your story like Mark Miller @markismusic did tonight@Lake_Junaluska #standwithmark  #MWAWhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08c88ZhLUIw
  • Sort of “block party grants” at the AC (or JC) level that enable churches to create topical meetings and service together
  • start a community of emerging leaders starting new churches/sites, experimenting w new forms, engaging new people
  • starting bands/classes with Soc-Med infrastructure. Testing “The City.” anybody using it?
  • this // RT @PastorThom: Organize topical groups according 2 interest, draft leg, blog results, discuss 2 reach consensus
  • Use existing connectional structures and communication media to facilitate the partnerships I’ve been talking about.
  • we’re trying to update our church’s website with twitter, Facebook, and a blog…maybe adding a  forum where ppl can discuss?
  • what if there was a dreamumc box in church lobbies where ppl could put their ideas and they would be shared in church newsletters?

Q4: If you had to pick TWO topics that you were MOST interested in talking with other Dreamers about…what are they? We’ll divide you into working groups that could start thinking in concrete intentional ways!

  • 1) US as a Central Conference, 2)General Church Restructuring
  • 1) What does ‘missional’ mean to us in the UMC? 2) How do we create and outward oriented church again? sort of the same topic
  • 1. civil disobedience on LGBT “incompatibility” 2. LOUD progressive social justice message
  • 1. leadership development at every level, 2. conversation/research/legislation about US central conference
  • 2) Homosexuality &sexual minorities  shouldnt be main topic, but it’s holding us back frm real convos so we have to address it
  • becoming more relevant & welcoming to young people; going beyond the walls of church & into ministry with whole communities
  • interested in breaking down dividing lines on theo spectrum, that should prob be my #2, good ideas from folks change my mind!
  • Building global solidarity networks among marginalized voices and ensuring that we are in ministry WITH people moving forward
  • Defining what is Wesleyan theology; strategizing about how to create a Wesleyan version of http://www.thegospelcoalition.org
  • Getting people in local church focused on reach people for Christ; renewal of Wesleyan movement
  • Homosexuality is a major issue in our denom. It’s not going away. Discipleship as well. We don’t have disciples in our pews.
  • LGBT issues & racial reconciliation
  • Local church revitalization and the worldwide nature of the church are the two biggest issues facing our denomination
  • Membership vows. People don’t take them seriously and pastors/members that do don’t hold others accountable.
  • neocolonialsm in current UMC structure and Wesleyan theology of grace
  • Not sure if this is my #1 but I think we need a group working on a new way to conference, a new set of “rules” (bye Robert!)
  • practical ways to explore and push decentralization (esp getting central conferences on brd) / finding places for young clergy
  • start a community and conv. 4 young leaders planting new churches/sites/significant ministries to engage new people w/ gospel.
  • Topic 1– Practicing real Methodism (accountable discipleship groups PLUS congregations) and building networks to support this
  • Topic 2– Building a sustainable model for being a global church
  • 1) US Central Conference/ Global BOD/ ways to honor cultural context
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